Francisco Reyes - Intermodal Destination -
Exposition à Air de Paris du 31 mars au 7 avril 2003.

Intermodal Destination
Modified shipping container with sound system, light system and DJ booth.

Soirée du 4 avril 2003 chez Air de Paris :
Feat. DJ BOUM / Intermodal Disco

In contemporary societies, a party might be imagined as a loose knot in which differing interests, drives and goals are brought together for a period of time. The typical perception of a party as "leisurely" has become outmoded; one need look no further than the tactical skills and strategies required to navigate corporate getaways or gallery openings. Universally, parties provide a framework for chance connections and unlikely matches to occur. Underpinning these dynamics, however, are the industrial trade systems which make these gatherings possible and provide the incentive to be "localized" in the first place.

Intermodal destination consists of a series of parties held in seven major cities, all held in a traveling, specially modified ISO-standard shipping container outfitted with a DJ booth, soundsystem, blacklights, and smoke machine. The shipping container begins its journey at Galerie Nomadenoase in Hamburg, and subsequently passes through in Rotterdam, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong before reaching its final destination in Singapore. In this way, "Intermodal Destination" playfully capitalizes on the relationship between the ways in which we connect with each other and the systems of trade that ultimately determine our location.